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Avatar retouch

Published by Vlasta on April 23rd 2013
How to modify a photo of a person to look like a member of the Na'vi from the Avatar movie. Read more.

Copying objects from photos

Published by Vlasta on April 8th 2013
Learn how to copy animals or people from one photo to another one. Read more.

Draw animated smiley

Published by Vlasta on October 25th 2011
Learn how to draw a simple animation of a smiley falling asleep. Read more.

Introduction to picture brush

Published by Vlasta on October 15th 2011
Learn how to use the picture brush and how to design your own picture brushes. Read more.

Inside RWPaint splash

Published by Vlasta on October 13th 2011
Learn how the layer styles were used while making the new RealWorld Paint splash. Read more.

Drawing a metallic ring with glass bubble icon

Published by JDDellGuy on January 17th 2011
Learn, how to use the Ellipse tool and the Linear and Radial gradient fill styles to draw an icon with metallic rings and a glass bubble in it. Read more.

Making a lifebuoy icon

Published by Vlasta on January 14th 2011
Learn to use textures when creating 3D models for icons. Read more.

Exclamation mark 3D model

Published by Vlasta on September 18th 2010
Learn how to make a 3D model for an exclamation mark icon from Surfaces of revolution. Read more.

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user icon Anonymous on May 5th

can you help install my cursor

user icon Anonymous on May 7th

i dont get it

user icon Anonymous on May 9th

how can i apply a cursor that i download from here

user icon Anonymous on May 12th

I am an old lady who knows NOTHING about computers. I just bought a new laptop and the cursor is so small I can barely see it please help me download a hand pointer cursor!! PLEASE

user icon ww registered user on May 13th

I need to download my curser but it does not work...

user icon Anonymous on May 14th

I can't find a fucken gingy for Lannan

user icon Anonymous on May 16th

do get it

user icon Anonymous on May 17th

I don't get how to do THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-( :-( :-( :-(

user icon Anonymous on May 18th

как применить курсооор

user icon Anonymous yesterday

how can you apply a cursor on a chormebook

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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